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The benefit of social distancing and being in lockdown is that I have more hours in the day to do things outside of work as I no longer have to commute or socialise; though I recognise that this is not the case for many, especially families with young children. However, for those on the same […]

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When are you most productive? Are you one to plan your work schedule and stick to it? Or do you prefer a deadline, but wait till the last minute to complete your work? I do not think that there is a right way of doing things, as individuals, we all function and work differently. Some […]

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Managing Change

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During this time, everyone one of us has had to deal with change, particularly to our freedoms and routine. This has made me think about change and how stressful it can be. The Change Curve Many of you will be familiar with the above curve. This was originally developed by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross for the […]

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Coronavirus Unprecedented Increasing deaths. Lately, these are words we cannot escape from. Understandably, we are experiencing an incredible amount of uncertainty during this time. As a generation and global community, we have not experienced this before. No doubt, for many, there is a lot of fear and anxiety. Will I get an infection? Would I […]

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The One Thing

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During this lockdown period, there have been a lot of posts on Instagram that are in either of two camps: use this time wisely to self improve, or be kind to yourself and know that it is not necessary to be super productive and learn a new language in the space of a month. Personally, […]

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As I write this, it is the second week working from home due to the Coronavirus. I think for many, there is a struggle to get up in the morning and building that routine that feels worthwhile. My poor grandmother, who has is not used to being told what to do, especially not leaving the […]

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Protect your dreams

This weekend, I had a conversation with a family member which has inspired me to write this post. Have you ever had those conversations where the individual has an agenda and don’t have the capacity for listen to anything you have to say? Sigh…it completely drains you and my natural reaction to this is to […]

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I am going to give a big shout out to my colleague Ben who encouraged me to write my next post on courage. As we continue to enjoy the new decade, starting new things can be scary. What if it is too difficult? What if I fail? Can I really be bothered? Is this going […]

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The start of January is always the start of something new, but how do you keep up the momentum for the rest of the year. Many of you have heard of the astounding statistics about the gym, where 80% of individuals do not go after 5 months or 14% who signed up in January drop […]

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Past Year Review

As we enter a new decade and year, many of us would start thinking about how we want to change the habits of 2019 and start January 2020 with a bang. There is pressure to be productive and to achieve a list of goals, though it is great to start the year right, it is […]

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